Hey there!
My name is Kervin. Currently enlisted in the Marines and stationed in Japan.
I like to draw tons of cool things, mostly cute ponies for now.
Want something Drawn? JUST ASK! Hopefully I get my lazy ass up enough to draw . If I don't reply enough just pester me. I tend to ignore things when I am preoccupied at the moment.
Hope you enjoy my work!
I have a donate button on this page SOMEWHERE for those who feel the need to give. To all who donate even one cent, Thank you.


Watch live streaming video from silver1kunai at livestream.com


HALT!You have the right to remain…Sexy….Here is Flutters Cop Suit.This goes along with my collection of her many costumes.Heres what she has been wearing so far-Nurse-Maid-PoliceGo check them out!


You have the right to remain…Sexy….

Here is Flutters Cop Suit.
This goes along with my collection of her many costumes.
Heres what she has been wearing so far

Go check them out!

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